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The real estate sector rising up in many cities of Turkey, increasing development show many benefits with new investments and also real estate prices increasing. The cities are described as new attraction centers by their new transportation projects with rising value.

Some Cities Move Ahead

Almost all of the cities are establishing new investment opportunities while cities like İstanbul, Ankara, and İzmir lose their advantages, some cities rising up by gaining some sort of opportunities in real estate sector, in Gaziantep, Adana, Çanakkale, Kayseri, Bursa, Eskişehir, Yalova has increasing profitable investment opportunities, according to real estate experts the cities offer very good profits to investors. Real estate sector in these cities is gradually increasing.

Yalova, One of the Leading Cities

Yalova is the most valued city in last 10 years. The City’s dramatically increasing value attracts more investors every year. Foreign investors are on the highest scale of buying real estates in addition that recently has been made bridge Osmangazi, is another important factor in increasing the city’s real estate sector value. Another name is Çanakkale, which takes place both Marmara region and Aegean region, has increasing value in real estate.  It looks like the prices of real estate going to be over the top soon in Çanakkale city.

Investors Favourite Cities in the Anatolia

Gaziantep attracts investors by its delicious cuisine, while it is one of the regional centers in the Southeast with large-scale estate projects in the middle of the Anatolia. Bursa and Adana have a great advantage of the educated workforce, these cities also offer very good options for investors. Housing prices and rent prices are improving in these cities.Kayseri also has remarkably developments in real estate sector with growing rising sales and rental prices in the last five years. Rising number of projects in the real estate sector attracts investors.

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