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 Home    Sectoral Explanations on the Real Estate Commission Draft Law

With the Draft Law of the Real Estate Commission prepared by the Ministry of Customs and Trade and presented to the real estate sector in November, it is aimed to bring the industry to the appropriate level in the ground. On the other hand, according to the findings of the leading figures in the sector, the proposal list prepared about the design which predicts the decrease of real estate service prices by 50 percent will be sent to the ministry by January 15th. After learning the contents of the draft of the Real Estate Commission Draft, they were informed that they would go to the Ministry with a 5-point request in order to express the demands of the sector employees who took action.

Turkey will negatively affect their regulation related real estate companies mediate billion in sales in the real estate sector, if the premier least at the request of arrangement has signaled that they will pass on the model. In statements on the issue Coldwell Banker Country Turkey Gokhan President Stone, the sales pace of the regulations if they remain in its current form may fall, he said. It is foreseen that the regulation on the agenda will cause the individuals and the firm to incur additional costs, but it will cause them to appear in differential contracts, such as normal and premier, as in Spain. It’s about commission rates in the other issue. 3 percent plus VAT from the buyer, 3 percent from the seller plus VAT continues to be applied as a percentage of the new regulation is specified as a total of 3 percent. So, when VAT is deducted, the amount left in real estate is about 1 percent. It is also anticipated that institutional brands will be shut down as the amount of the commission can not cover the costs as the directive is approved in this way

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