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We offer you a complete service transaction where you won’t have to be in charge of any detail. We will be responsible for all the steps on your behalf and we offer to protect your rights on your name.  Here is an outlook about the procedure steps that we will be going through together.
  • Due Diligence
    • Guidance
    • Building permission approval
    • Quality report
  • Accommodation Services
    • Hotel reservation
    • Providing a private car with driver
    • Free airport and hotel transfer
  • Legal Support
    • Providing English speaking lawyer
    • Arranging Notary services for the power of attorney
    • Passport and official documents translation
    • Residency application Support
    • Turkish Citizenship support
    • Notarized contract and title deed support
    • After-sale government fees and follow-up
    • Establishing companies Procedure
  • Investment / Purchase
    • Best price guarantee
    • Location research (Transportation, Hospitals, Schools, Malls etc.) and estimation of capital appreciation
    • Rental Income Expectation and guarantee
  • After-Sales Services
    • Moving to Turkey (Transportation, shipping, etc.)
    • Registration in the compound management
    • Utilities registration and connections (Click for expenses)
    • Rental agreements
    • Insurance policies
    • Recommending interior architects (English, Arabic, French speakers)
    • Property maintenance services
    • Social memberships
  • Financial Services
    • Getting Tax ID number registration
    • Opening a Turkish Bank account (Ziraat Bank, HSBC, Kuveyt Turk)
    • Money transfer support
    • Bank loan / Mortgage
    • Installments credit from developer / construction company
  • Resale and buy-back support
    • Contact us for resale or buy-back guarantee