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Istanbul Investments Consultancy

As a highly regarded investment consultancy, we are providing with our professionals the best investment opportunities in the real estate market for our clients. Those who are interested in property investments in İstanbul, will be ensured to successful Investments. We want to set up a compact relationship with the combination of the needs and requirements of our clients to plan some market strategies to achieve the goals in their investment.

The professional consultants in our company are always prepared about the bad or good news in the economy of Turkey. That’s why we are also focusing on the capital growth and cash flows of our clients to keep good results in short and long term investments. As a leading and thrust worthy company, we have experience and very strong opinions about the property market in İstanbul.
Investment experts work harder to get suitable deals for properties since the demands have increased in the real estate property sector. The rising demands in Turkey have created investment opportunities for the investors. We aim to ensure the right strategies and investment projects for our clients to get higher returns on their investments.

Our services will provide excellent real estate investments and profitable returns. We work different than the other real estate agents in İstanbul. As a strong network establishment through our investors, we have the intention to provide our clients the best possibilities to achieve their goals in their investments. Clients get satisfied with our networks that are able to follow the latest activities and projects in the market.

The only thing our customers have to do is to know the area where they want to make their investment. The second step will be assisting and guiding the customers in the best way.

Before you make your investment, we offer notary services, guidance together with support, the planning & building permission check, a certificate check for the construction quality report, location and area search for your investment, an individual solicitor if requested by our customer, expectation of rental income, registering the Turkish tax number, credibility check for the developer and capital gain estimation.

The İstanbul Investment company offers also some customer services. They include; rental income agreements, rental management services, resale support,post sale services, furnishing services, property maintenance services, automatic payments, utility connections and membership arrangements for social activities.

The deals and projects our company will prefer for you, is going to ensure you high returns on the investments in 2 years.