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A negotiation for a certain period of time in exchange for money, the owner by making a contract with the person who obtained the right to use and rent. The lease contract end date publicly if specified in the contract ends automatically when the time expires. In the legal termination of lease contracts for an indefinite period may be terminated by adhering to or according to the notice.

1) Housing or to terminate the contract through workplaces

Lodger tenancy agreement before the end of the fifteen days written notice if the contract will be automatically prolonged for one more year. In the same way that the person giving the contract to rent out showing the end can not dissolve, but 3 months notice may terminate the contract provided that there are no reasons at all to make. According to the tenant the right to termination and termination notice may terminate this agreement with the lessor. The validity of the notification to be made in written form, would be through.

2) Family properties

If the tenant family properties without the consent of the spouse shall terminate the contract, if there is a valid reason to terminate the contract before it can apply to the court if he doesn’t want to. Tenacious , although not non-spouse tenant, tenant adjective wins, the amount of time to paying the termination notification of property owners and tenants, and a wife who must give notice separately.

3) Due to the case

If the landlord is sourced, why the need to rebuild or reconstruction;

a) Landlord must take care of his wife or himself) for persons using the property if you have no obligation.

b) Leased the property for the purpose of repair, repair or expanded again leased property cannot be used if specific or indefinite contracts will be determined by adhering to the declaration of termination period or time will open the case within a month.

c) If the new owner of the House himself, his wife or) dependants persons needs, acquires the property of the tenant within one month from the date of the state must declare and terminate the lease within six months. The new owner of the house the same way if you are in need of contract within one month after the case the right to terminate the contract through.

Tenant house when open?

The landlord if the tenant at the end of a contract with did, contract house open. If an undertaking or evacuated when the contract is obliged to vacate the house made statement. Tenancy agreement ends the house that do not occupy by force the house case.

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