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 Home    The First Planned Urban Transformation in İzmir Turkey

The Metropolitan Municipality of İzmir had done the constructions of 9 blocks in first etab within the applications of Uzundere Urban Transformation Project.

The urban transformations has great importance for every place in Turkey. Especially the buildings without any water, voice etc. isolation and insulation have great risks to be damaged even with little hits. Thus, these transformations are tried to be pursied in every city in Turkey. İzmir is an important city in Turkey with its sea sides and good weather in every season. By applying necessary transformations, İzmir will be more popoular in tourism cases and will be more livable.

Project of Uzundere Urban Transformation

The main contructions in the project of Uzundere Urban Transformation was done for 9 blocks in first etab. The owners of buildings signed the necessary documents to permit these transformations in Uzundere. The damaged, unhealthy and old buildings were taken under control and their reconstruction processed were started as soon as possible.

Reconstructions works still going on

In these 9 blocks there are 280 residence and 33 workplaces. The whole processes were done after main constructions in 7 blocks over 9. The autorized persons from Metropolitan Municipality explained that the infrastructure works are still in process in the remaining 2 blocks. It was also anounced that the residences will be ready in summer 2018 and will be delivered to the owners of places.

People are waiting

People, the owner of places, are waiting to take back the new version of their buildings. The project of Uzundere Urban Transformation will provide them healtier, stronger and qualified buildings with necessary procautions taken. The urban transformations provides safer places for every person in every neighborhood. That kind of investment pursued by goverment is a win win situation for both owners and government.

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