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Company Knight Frank, in his report to the Global Housing Cities calculate price changes in 156 cities in the Index, which is seen the most growth with 25 percent, while Istanbul in Turkey 3rd city in the world; 2nd Izmir in Turkey with 16.5 percent, was ranked 6th in the world. In the same list, Ankara was the 13th place in the world with 12.4 percent.

The average increase in house prices in the world was 4.4 percent.


Leading actors in the construction sector in Izmir cited the reasons foFCV TGNJM0r the rise in housing prices as population growth, internal migration, the failure to produce new land, and the rise in market prices of housing in the upper segment. Another detail that the index reveals is that Izmir will surpass all European cities in the price increase. While 7 out of the first 20 cities were found in Europe, the highest increase in Europe was 16.3, which was the capital city of Hungary, located just behind Izmir. According to the index, prices in Greek cities on the other side of the Aegean decreased compared to the previous year.

According to the Global Housing Cities Index, housing prices in 121 cities increased or remained the same in 2015, but declined in 44 cities. China’s industry and commerce capitol Shenzhen was the city where housing prices increased the most in the world with an increase in the housing price of 47.5 percent

Necip Nasır, Chairman of the Federation of Contractors (MÜFED), the managers of the leading construction companies in İzmir evaluated the fact that İzmir ranked 6th in housing price increase.

Nasır, said:

“The construction companies are faced with the high price of the land because the new land can not be produced.Therefore this situation is reflected in the prices.The fact that the new land can not be produced makes the reality of the urban transformation again.It is said that 85% Urban transformation in İzmir has a special importance and urgency, but because this law is also a social project, enforcement of the law must be a side to encourage and challenge people.It is a systematic, island-based urban return we believe that it will contribute to the future of İzmir. “

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