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 Home    The Money in The Dask Fund Will Be Used For Urban Transformation!

It was learned that policyholders want to use 5.2 billion liras accumulated in DASK, the compulsory earthquake insurance, which will enable policyholders to compensate their property losses and rebuild their homes in the financing of urban transformation projects. According to the report of Rahim Ak from the newspaper Habertürk, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism acted for the use of the DASK fund of 5.2 billion liras for the reconstruction of the building which had to be transformed, which numbered 7.5 million in Turkey. Accordingly, the funds that will be accumulated in the DASK fund for the reconstruction of the buildings will be used as funds. According to the calculations of the Ministry of Urbanism, the transformation of pre-earthquake-prone buildings will be accelerated.


However, among the information that Mehmet Şimşek, Deputy Prime Minister responsible for the Undersecretariat of Treasury, to which DASK is affiliated, is opposed to the direct use of the funds of the insured. Instead, it was learned that a project was developed by DASK as a guarantor. Thus, the cost of the insured will not be used, on the other hand the urban transformation projects will be fully supported without the cash outflow.


After the Marmara earthquake on August 17, 1999, the obligation brought by the DASK, which was taken by the state, resulted in 43.2 percent of the buildings in Turkey becoming insured. That is, 1 million 413 of the houses, which total 3 million 332 thousand, are included in DASK insurance. In the Marmara region this rate has increased to 53 percent.


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