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 Home    The Sales Process Of The Dwellİng House Is Shaped

Arrangements have been made regarding the sales process of the residences. The principles and principles regarding the economy of public housing are included in the scope of the National Estate General Paper published in the Official Journal.

Public dwellings, which are assigned to tasks, orders, and services in the ownership or disposal of the institutions, may be subject to sale upon request of the Institutions. Priority will be given to the sale of public housing, where floor purchases are made, for which personnel with priority purchase rights have been requested.

The sale will take place after the flat ownership of the public housing where it is possible to establish the floor ownership is established.

From public dwelling; those who are not able to sell under special laws, those who are employed by personnel who carry out defense, security, justice and intelligence services but who are not given appropriate views by relevant ministries and those who are specially allocated will not be subject to sale.


The Ministry is authorized to carry out all kinds of works and transactions related to the sale of public housing and the sales transactions will be conducted by the Governorships (Treasury) after the permission of the Ministry.


On the date on which the tender is made from public housing for which floor ownership has been established; (including conditional allocations), and those who actually occupy the dwelling have the right of priority purchase. The owners of the right of priority purchase can only use this right for public housing.

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