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Renaissance Holding is preparing to sign a public private partnership (PPP) project with Ballast Nedam, which it bought last year, and about 1 billion euros in roads and tunnels in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The Renaissance, together with Ballast Nedam, which he bought last year, is preparing to sign a PPP project of roads and tunnels worth about 1 billion euros in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
According to the statement from the Holding, the Renaissance continues its organic and inorganic growth with the aim of being among the world’s leading contracting companies.
The A24 Blankenburg-Verbinding Public-Private Partnership Project, planned in Rotterdam, one of the most central regions of the Netherlands, will facilitate access to the region as well as the design of existing and new infrastructure.


Renaissance Holding continues its rapid growth in Europe as well as in Turkey since its foundation in 1993, and continues to grow organic and inorganic with the aim of being among the leading contracting companies of the world.

For this purpose Renaissance Holding, which also included the Austrian Alpine Bau company’s subsidiary Hergiswil in Switzerland and the German Heitkamp company, also acquired the Dutch construction company Ballast Nedam in the near future.
As the first result of these gigantic acquisitions, the Renaissance, which is Europe’s 100-year-old dream, the longest tunnel in the world, and the Renaissance, which links Zurich and Milan, now takes the first steps for a massive project of roads and tunnels in Rotterdam It beats.


The “A24 Blankenburg-Verbinding” tender, which will be the most central of the Netherlands’s Rotterdam district, was temporarily entrusted to Ballast Nedam under the Renaissance roof and to the DEME and Macquarie consortium.

According to the statement made by Rijkswaterstaat (Directorate General of Dutch Public Works and Water Management), the A24 Blankenburg-Verbinding Public-Private Partnership project consists of the design of the existing and new infrastructure. Renaissance, which has signed important PPP projects in Turkey in the field of health, thus reveals that it has successfully carried this experience to Europe. The project, which will take place in this consortium for 20 years, will facilitate access to Rotterdam from other Dutch cities and environmental regions.

Ballast Nedam Chairman Cenk Düzyol said in a statement on this important project that “if no appeal is submitted, our final contract will be completed shortly”.

Düzyol emphasized that this project was formed within the framework of the “Rotterdam Vooruit” master plan covering the period of Rotterdam Region “2020-2040”, “We are proud of being a Renaissance Holding company in such a big project in terms of Dutch social life and economy, we are continuing to sign important PPP projects that will play a role in health transformation, and now we are happy to bring this experience and knowledge to Europe “.

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