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Tevfik Güngör, a writer from Dünya Newspaper, evaluated the building construction and use permit documents at the present corner. Here is that post ..

Beginning of the construction, construction permission is taken from the municipality. When construction is completed, it is being used. It is possible to observe the construction activities in the country by looking at the permission documents. Today, the construction industry has become the dynamics of the economy. New buildings are being built in empty spaces. Old buildings are demolished and renewed.

While evaluating building construction and use permits documents; (1) It is important to note that the completion of the permit is more than one year. (2) It is useful to consider that a part of the construction site or completed structures is sold without obtaining permission to use it.

In 2017, 660 thousand houses were sold as the first hand-new. In 2017, the number of flats allowed to use the building is 820 thousand. It can not be said that 160 thousand out of the 660 thousand apartments sold with 820 thousand used licenses stayed stabled. Some of the apartments that have been sold can be apartments that have not been approved for building use, some of which have been completed and sold before, and which have been acquired during the year.

Istanbul is the city with the most live housing market. The number of first hand-new residential units sold in 2017 is 114 thousand. In contrast, construction permits were received for 160 thousand apartments during the year. 254 thousand apartment building construction permission for the foundation was laid. Our Turkey gave the municipality in 2017 to 1.3 million in building permits for public office. At least $ 80 billion is spent or will be spent to complete the construction of permits. When building permit statistics and housing sales statistics are evaluated together, it is seen that the construction sector will continue to vigor. Despite the fact that the number of flats sold is below the number of flats that have permission to use construction, the number of construction permits received to start new constructions continues to rise.

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