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People who have a particular rental income they obtained in accordance with this income must pay taxes on it. This tax is paid at the rate specified amount every year. Rental income taxes primarily for the declaration. This declaration must be given between March 1-26 the first payments 1 starts on March, 31 March, continues. Second payments in July. If you are the owner of housing to the taxpayer at least  3900 tl, workplace is 30.000 tl you need to achieve a minimum annual income. While the declaration goes some costs can be reduced. Expenses the amount obtained after removing fixture, must give a certificate of non-specified limit. If rent is forwarded with ordinary mail declaration, tax office documents in the record, registered, express mail is given with the issuance of the PTT, if declared ready for rent statement in electronic form are treated when confirmed.

Rental Income Tax Calculator

Monthly rent is between 1000 and 1500 tax is equivalent to the monthly rent of 1, so that those who rent out 1 monthly rental tax annual income, 1. according to the rental income tax rates; 15%, 20%, 25%, 27% and 35%. If we make a simple calculation; the annual rental income is 15 percent over 3900 tl goes taking drops, then tax is calculated. The statement goes on to give people can choose from two types of method goes, taking actual expenses;. 15 percent, according to the person, then the tenant yönetemine taking the expense the expense goes to people with more downloadable method can pay less tax.

The increase in rental income tax. In 2018 bag came into law the law of 2017 in monthly rent for 1,500  tl, while paying 1,586 tl in go, taking in the year 2018 is 1,500 tl with leases must pay taxes on 1,798 tl.

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