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The Summit Of Real Estate Consultancy Was Gathered In Bodrum.

The Summit Of Real Estate Consultancy” Genblue Turkey 2017 started in Bodrum where 550 real estate advisers from Turkey and Cyprus franchises of the world’s most rooted real estate consulting firm Coldwell Banker came together.

Coldwell Banker Turkey Became the World’s Number One

Emphasizing Coldwell Banker having real estate consulting services in 48 countries, President of Coldwell Banker Turkey Gökhan Taş said that Turkey became the most fast-growing country of the world: “In the past year we have reached from 80 to 120 offices. In 2016, we had 700 real estate professionals. We have 1,500 real estate advisors right now. We have become the world’s number one with 100% successes on the number of real estate professional.

We Have 3 Main Areas”

Gökhan Taş explained the system of Coldwell Banker Turkey: “We have 3 main regions. First, metropolises like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa and etc. Second, Balikesir, Trabzon, Manisa. Cities like Erzurum, Kars are the parts of third region. Franchise fees vary according to these regions”.

“We Lead the Way in Turkey”

President Taş told about their targets: “Turkey is the youngest country in Europe with an average age of 29. We are in a real estate market and real estate consultancy sector growing every year. Our target is to reach the number of 300 of offices and 3000 real estate consultants in three years. After that, we will continue as a brand that brings movement to the sector”.

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