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Among the most common problems in our country and around the world are tenant rights and problems between tenants and landlords. Leasing means offering real estate for another person for a certain fee. These transactions are mainly carried out with a lease agreement. Even if there is a contract made, in some cases there may be problems between the tenant and the landlord. As the main reason for these problems, it is seen that the parties do not know the rights they have. Tenants and tenants can benefit from the rights provided by contracts and laws against each other. Within these rights tenant rights have a little more space than others. However, many people are not adequately defended for the reason that they do not have the information on this issue.

First of all, the leaseholder must ensure that the leased item is available at the beginning of the lease, while being obliged to deliver the leased item smoothly and usable at the beginning of the contract. If the renovations and repairs are to be carried out on the real estate, mutual agreement between the parties is required. Making this agreement in writing also prevents problems in the future. There is also the right to terminate the contract in certain cases with respect to the realtor that the tenant is chartered with the contract. The contract extends for another year unless the parties have given mutual declaration, some time before the conclusion of the contract. The landlord can not terminate the contract by showing the end of the employee.

Regulations on homeowner rights and tenant rights are being made under the Turkish Debt Act. Renting of real estates is done by contract. While these contracts are contracts that give mutual debt to the parties, the parties have obligations and some rights to each other with the contract made. One party’s obligation can be considered as the right that the other party can claim. The articles related to the leasing transactions continue from Article 298 of the Turkish Code of Obligations up to Article 378. In these materials, the rights and obligations for tenant and real estate leaseholders are explained in detail. Regarding the provisions of this law, the parties are able to appeal to each other. Both sides have to comply with these items because it is a statutory regulation. With the enforcement of this law, it is possible to ask the court for problems regarding tenant rights, to correct the problem and to be compensated.

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