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Unusuable Buıldıngs In Bıtlıs Are Beıng Destroyed

The Municipality of Bitlis, which continues its efforts without slowing down its activities in the city, continues to demolish the dangers of the city in the direction of the demands and complaints of the citizens.

Unusable buildings in Bitlis, which are in a state of disrepair and threaten the security of life and property of the people, have been identified individually in accordance with incoming requests and complaints. The unavailable structures are destroyed by the teams affiliated to the Department of Public Works and Engineering.

Public Health and Security were Under Threat

These buildings, where stray animals are found, where people who are drug addicts and those who make illegal occupations become occupied by them and who are in danger of burning and destruction; especially for children at a young age, threatens public health and safety at a significant level.

The Municipality of Bitlis communicates with the owners by identifying the unusable structures carrying such features and applying the demolition process once they have received the consent of the building owners

Neighborhood Residents are Very Satisfied with the Work of the Municipality

Residents of the neighborhood, who closely followed the demolition work, expressed satisfaction that the municipality was doing such a work.

The residents of the neighborhood who closely follow the demolition studies in the city expressed their gratitude to Bitlis Municipality for doing such a work and thanked Bitlis Deputy Mayor İsmail Ustaoğlu for destroying the unusable houses that had become a problem for years.

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