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In recent days, there is a topic which can be newsworthy for Antalya. This topic is a mutli-storey car park which includes 6 floors that are 3 of them in are under ground. Actions were done and first explain was maden by Muratpaşa Municipality. According to this explain, Büyükşehir and Muratpaşa Municipalities Mayors Türel and Uysal agree with each other: this multi-storey car park should be in gorund exactly. They mean, the car park’ s all of 6 floors should be in under gorund.


Then yesterday, Büyükşehir Municipality Mayor, Menderes Türel, has gave an interview to journalists. He said that the firstly they will start with Şarampol Street will be getting pedetrianization, then the mostly of the park will be a car park. Upon this, Muratpaşa Municipality Mayor Uysal, gave an interview like Türel as opposite to the Türel’ s interview.

Büyükşehir Municipality Mayor, Menderes Türel, then the critisicms were done which for the Şarampol Multi- Storey Car park, he explained that it will be a referendum in Üçgen District, Cumhuriyet District and by the Şarampol’ s shopkeepers for this car park .


Menderes Türel said: “we will not to do this multi-stroyed car park if our city dwellers don’ t want to The Şarampol Project.” And He add something more, that they won’ t give up this Şarampol Project for a little car park.

Büyükşehir Municipality Mayor, Menderes Türel said that this Şarampol Project will help to the commercial cases and provide support a lot of good things in Antalya. He is waiting for the results of referendum. He said, “According to the results, if it will be ‘no’ we will respect the city dwellers ofcourse and we will give up the car park which has got parking for 80 cars. But if it will be ‘yes’, we will do everything that is necessary.”

Keywords: mutli-storey car park, The Şarampol Project, referendum

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