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The movement in the dollar also hit housing prices. Citizens wonder if home prices will rise in 2017, while experts warn that they will get home: Property prices will rise.


Sudden changes in the dollar affect the costs in the real estate sector. Housing Development and Investors Association (Chairman) Chairman Ömer Faruk Celik predicted that housing areas will be profitable in this period and said that citizens who earn 20 percent of the money can invest in real estate.


Chairman Çelik said, “In addition to 20 percent of earnings from the dollar, there is also a cost increase due to the exchange rate, which will be expensive from today’s price in 2017. Both the price increase and the increase in the value of the house will be the subject of a price difference of 15 percent. So now the citizen of the house will win 35 percent, “he said. Expressing that there is a serious housing demand in the middle income group, Mr. Çelik said that the table is not bad in the real estate sector. “For example, 310 thousand in 2013, 489 thousand in 2014’de housing stoke 2015’de 290 thousand, in the first 9 months of this year has fallen to 195,” he said.


Stating that some companies in the sector have difficulty in paying loan debts, Mr. Çelik said, “In order to manage the cash flow, the bank borrower, a number of companies may lower their prices or extend their futures.However, businessmen suffer losses in order not to lose their reputation because the capital for the businessman is not money. Companies can offer up to 12 trillions of dollars, “he said.

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