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If you want to invest in the right way and keep your money in your pocket by folding your money, investing in real estate is very important. If you have a real estate investment in mind, you can check our news.


If you want to invest in the right way and keep your money in your pocket by folding your money, investing in real estate is very important. You do not know about real estate investment and you can benefit from the advice given to you.

The first goal of investing is to protect your assets and evaluate profit with the aim. Whenever you need to finance your other investments, you may be buying to meet your unexpected needs. Briefly, both profits are aimed to protect value and to convert cash when necessary. The products to be invested are Real Estate = Real Estate, Stock Exchange and Gold are the first ones to come to mind.

It depends on the income, expense, age, and knowledge of the part of the 3 options that will make the more correct decision. Since the right investment for someone is not the right investment for someone else, the investment plan should be prepared according to the person.


Since the stock market is a type of investment that requires expertise, experience and knowledge, it should only be done by those who know and follow continuous developments. The main aim of the stock market investment is to buy and sell commodities and valuable papers that are converted into cash in short term so as not to make the money sleep. It is often used by corporate companies to manage risks. Individual investors are investing with the aim of profit, but they are not doing well because of lack of experience, knowledge and education.

You can make money by investing in real estate. It is the type of investment preferred by our people because it is the investment of residence, land, field and commercial area in real estate investments and earning when the right investment is made and the risk is the lowest profit guaranteed. An operator may not make much sense in a stock market investor. It has to make an assessment to invest in the highest profit rate. Commercial real estate for an operator.

For a person who pays rent, the land for a person who is farmed, the land for a forward-looking public servant, the land for sale, the commercial space may be more logical. It is better to pay installments instead of rent beside the main money to pay for the profit from other investments instead of cashing for a place that is used as an office for the owner’s office

Points to be Considered in Housing Investment.
First of all, it is necessary to decide whether to buy housing with residence purpose or investment purpose. The financing of housing and how to get it, the purchase price is important. If it is taken with the aim of investment, it will be more profitable to get it from the foundation beside the completed housing. The greatest recommendation if you are going to buy with an investment purpose Pay a half of the required amount in your home while you are at the back of a reliable construction company and sign the deal saying the rest is title delivery.

Buy in the value of the title at the delivery of the title deed and pay the remaining money to the company take your size. Thus, if you invest  50,000 TL to 100,000 TL, you should pay 130.000 TL at title delivery and close your remaining debt so that you have achieved a profit of 60 percent and you have earned twice as much as normal investment.

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