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 Home    What Floor Is Ground And Should Be Bought?

The buildings start with ground-floor apartments which can be found on the basement floor, which can be found in the basement and on the garden floor with a difference in height or on the lower level, and which can be expressed on the entrance floor. Ground-floor apartments located at the base of the building near the land or near the garden are usually pointed at the first sight by the building.

The advantages and disadvantages of these apartments are a matter of curiosity as much as the question of what the ground floor is in apartment buildings. For safety reasons, the ground-floor apartments located directly at the entrance of the building constitute areas for further protection and prevention.

Real estate agent and real estate investment consultant can market ground floor or floors of the building with the difference of the garden floor or the elevation while the real estate is being invested or the house is being bought. For this reason, when buying houses, ground floor constructions must be seen in place and their conditions must be examined by visiting the house. It is more convenient and secure to sit in ground-floor apartments, especially for people with disabilities and older people; floods of ground-floor apartments may be at risk. For this reason, it is also necessary to examine the ground floor in the buildings at the point that has elevation difference and to check how safe the measures against the risks are made.

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