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Our country Turkey is one of the important countries as location and as geopolitical location. So, every year we have enough tourists counts and this number is increasing from year to year. Our country is became a location who was preferred to be traveled by the middle east country citizens. Our state has some plans to attract the investors attention. And firstly, The Turkey has been succeed about the construction and real estate sectors. These sectors have attracted the investors attantion firstly. For example the houses are designed as living centers and they have some specials about the housing for people that is house owners. And the firms designed the housing for Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates Iraq and Egypt as taking into account their requests. These projects has been designed by some properties like below:

  • These are designed like residence
  • It has swimming pools and Spas and sports halls
  • Parking places are special for every apartment
  • 24 hour security
  • High and scnenic places for building
  • Spacious and well-designed apartments
  • Used the last tecnhologies in the houses
  • Children’ s playgrounds are reserved for security as a pracaution
  • Cinemas


After the Arabians, the Rusians invest to Turkey. At the beginning Rusian investors used to prefer Antalya’ s locations as holiday investing. But nowadays they have started to invest as cities İstanbul, Bursa, Çanakkale etc.

If we talk about the formal rules, Firstly, The investor should translate by notary. Then it should be deciding about the housing and about everything after look up the housing by investor. If the investor wants to the housing, it do a plan of payments. And then investor’ s passport is translated for formal transactions in Turkey and it should be notarized. The investor will make a contract and again getting translated and notarized. Finally, deed documents will be prepared and then it is finished.

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