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In Turkey, where recent urban transformation efforts have been continuing rapidly, many points have to be taken into consideration during demolition.

Considering the risky building structure in Turkey, especially in the ruins of today, “violence” is applied to the building called “touching down”. The sudden collapse or disintegration of a cloud of dust that does not let to breathe makes the rubble difficult to demolish, and it is a problem that it is casting and spilling. We live in times when we say that the nerves are stretched because of the hard breathing from dust, the excavation truck traffic.


The destruction is the bottleneck of urban transformation unless it is done right.

Demolition is an abrasive activity. People, the environment, the machine is eroding. To prevent this erosion, demolition attachments are durable, yet more controlled and protected; series, powerful and commercially profitable.


There are a few factors that make the demolition attachments commercially viable:

1. They are doing more work in less time.

2. They work without harming the environment. Attachments prevent the spread of dust around the dust control systems while eliminating the risk of rock throw, noise, vibration. Thus, the complaint, the risk of penalty cycle is the least.


3. Their economic life is long, easy to maintain. Doing business quickly, reducing operating costs.

4. They protect work machines, which do not keep repair and re-purchase costs very low.

Is everything all that easy? It was not, but there were solutions in time. There are countries in this area that have reached quite advanced levels like the Netherlands, and we go through quite similar processes that they have lived in the past.

We need to organize both the public and the market in order to achieve this. We expect both to happen in the near future.

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