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 Home    Why Are The Prices Of Urlas In Izmir Increased?

İzmir’s house prices in Urla have recently risen. There are a number of reasons for home prices to rise in Urla. Here are some of those reasons:


1) Stone house fashion started to develop in Urla. When stone houses are restored, prices are rising.
2) The Istanbul-Izmir highway project has increased the value of Urla. As a result, house prices have also risen.
3) The passing of celebrities’ names in Urla caused the price of the house in this region to increase.

4) Investors have to turn to Urla and start building many home projects.
5) Organic farming in Urla and the presence of producer markets in this region also caused the increase of house prices.
6) The Alaçatı Airport project has already caused house prices in Urla to rise. Prices will rise even further when the project is over.
7) The fact that the people who are retired and who are going to prefer Urla raise the prices. Therefore, as demand increases, home prices also rise.

8) The increase in the number of schools also leads to an increase in house prices.
9) The rumor that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s couple and Cristiano Ronaldo bought a villa in Urla created a different excitement in people. And that was one of the reasons for the rise in house prices.
10) The fact that those who want to get away from crowded cities such as Istanbul prefer Urla also causes the increase in prices.
11) The protection of the naturalness of Urla, the proximity to the sea is increasing the demand in these houses. House prices are rising as demand increases.

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